Debra Talbert is an executive and life coach with 20+ years experience in leadership development, coaching and facilitation. She brings a practiced and practical approach to organizations. Her consulting/coaching work with clients in a broad spectrum of industries allows her to create fresh, innovative solutions for developing leadership at all levels of the organization.

Debra is the author of Take Me To Your Leader: Taking the Lead In Our Lives, which brings together the stories of leaders from all walks of life, and defines seven patterns of belief and practice that can transform our lives.

Beyond the resume...For every leader there are those core beliefs that define their work and their lives. My personal touchstones include a passion for collaboration, imagination. The conviction that some things are a given...individual dignity, communities built on strengths and creativity. And, that compassion, caring and integrity are the foundation for success in any environment. 

"As an executive and life coach, Debra helped me to set in motion a transformation in my life, love and career. I now enjoy more time with my husband, we are nearing financial freedom, we live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and travel the world together.

Through her book, Take Me To Your Leader: Taking The Lead In Our Lives, and the remarkable stories, Debra helps one to visualize what he/she imagines a life could be and understand our choices are only limited by how we identify ourselves and what we fail to see beyond our circumstances.” Ken Pearson, SAP Success Factors