"You must not try to change people, but show them how they are already changing; you must not inform people, but show them that they are already in the process of transformation."

~ Saint Augustine


Souls In Touch Coaching Principles

“Trans-personal” is a term that refers to the entire body of our awareness, experience, insight, knowing, longing. It assumes that you are body, mind, and spirit, and that all of these aspects of you are greater—much greater—than the sum of your parts.

Sometimes, people arrive at a trans-personal process as a result of a profound “opening,” perhaps including what is known as a psychic experience, or a deeply intuitive or spiritual turning point. It can also be a subtle desire to have more of yourself authentically represented in your life and work. In the trans-personal coaching process, we use inquiry, reflection, vision, intuition, wisdom & sacred traditions to articulate your path forward.

Some of the principles that guide this type of coaching include—

  • Make it normal—whatever your perspective or insight, however it is presenting, it is valid and intelligent, and it has a place in your life.

  • Give it meaning—through reflection and inquiry, articulate how your whole awareness is informing the direction of your life.

  • Take it forward—with this deeper, more profound understanding of your whole being, identify those actions that will clearly move you in the direction of your most gifted expression.

The coaching session will include—

  • An initial discussion of your insight, awareness, intuitive opening, physical or meta-physical experience, inquiry, hope, concerns. What you understand or has activated for you at this moment.

  • How you would like to explore, shape, deepen this aspect of your experience or knowing.

  • A mapping of tangible, constructive actions or intentions that will move you toward wholeness.

  • A safe, credible space to be seen, heard, and celebrated.