“There is an unseen side of life that the soul is in touch with. ”

Barbara Leger, Temanos Spiritual Center, Ukraine

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Souls in touch was born of longing.

I was one of those kids who was born with most of the switches turned on. A natural empath at birth, with additional “channels” of perception coming online over the decades. Pre-cognition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and intermittent telepathy were the earliest modalities. As an adult, my awareness started to include remote viewing, and occasionally astral-projection, particularly associated with natural disasters or crisis events. My particular wiring seemed uniquely tuned to the the soul’s journey-–my own, and others.

Carl Jung, and other early explorers of the “trans-personal” dimension of the human experience referred to this as “non-ordinary states of consciousness,” but in simple terms, it can feel like being between two radio stations all the time, and it can be a tricky navigation. I work in Corporate America as an executive coach and organizational consultant. Sometimes my “alt-awareness” works for me; sometimes it doesn’t.

One day something came through on the psychic-friends-network that was so intense, and tangible, and profound that even in my life it almost derailed me. And, I was largely on my own to move through it, give it meaning, and integrate how it had changed me into my life and work going forward.

As I started to explore how I could shape the experience into my own soul’s story, I was reminded of the polarity surrounding the alt-experience. We have an X-File, full of novelty, mythology, and speculation. Or we have a mental health file, which seeks to compartmentalize the experience into adjustable or treatable components. Even those psychiatrists who work with past-life regression are using a ”trauma” based protocol.

And then, there are all of us. Living, dreaming, seeing, knowing, moving through the fields of energy and layers of awareness. Along with this, there is the longing to bring our whole selves to our lives.

Souls In Touch was created to provide a place to tell our stories, give them meaning, and integrate our insights into our lives.

Debra Talbert is a certified executive coach, leadership and organizational consultant. Debra has worked with Fortune 100 companies and leadership teams for 20+ years. Debra is the author or two books, “Take Me To Your Leader,: Taking the Lead In Our Lives” and “The Gypsy Sings, A Trilogy to Celebrate the Gypsy In the Soul.”