What people are saying—

"Many books have been written about power and its close cousin “empowerment.” Most of those speak of how managers can empower workers, parents empower children, and life partners empower each other. Debra Talbert’s beautifully written book carries the notion of power a step further and a step higher. She shows us, through commentary and story, how we can choose to find strength, focus, and power within our own hearts and minds. It is a powerful message that can transform our lives."--Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D., Cross-Cultural Communications

"Take Me To Your Leader, has done what few books have—show us the wisdom and strength we already possess—within our own hearts."--Jesse Stoner, Author, Full Steam Ahead.

"Debra Talbert tells the stories of ordinary people who made extraordinary shifts to make their time on earth worth the effort. It offered me a new lens to see clearer the direction I want to take my business."--Francine B. Read, Founder,

"Through her book, Take Me To Your Leader: Taking The Lead In Our Lives, and the remarkable stories, Debra helps one to visualize what he/she imagines a life could be and understand our choices are only limited by how we identify ourselves and what we fail to see beyond our circumstances."--Ken Pearson, Success Factors